I’m running this site to connect with current readers and to, hopefully, develop a relationship with some new ones. I am making the transition from non-fiction author to novelist. My first book, Sleeping Dogs…Ethics in the Work Place was a practical primer in every day ethics. It has been popular for over a decade with individuals, professors and corporate trainers. I have used it myself as a companion piece for my CEU training sessions for engineers and architects. There is a built in audience for this type of work and it is frequently purchased in bulk quantities.

Writing a novel is a whole different proposition. The actual process of creating the plot and developing the characters for my debut novel, Chasing Dragons , was hard but gratifying work. Unfortunately, as I have learned, it is also the easiest part of the process. An “Indie” author…one without the backing of a publishing house, finds him or herself alone on an island. There are several platforms for publishing: Amazon, Blurb, Smashwords to name a few, but it is one thing to put your work out there and quite another for readers to find you. The amount of new works added to these sites each day is staggering. Websites such as these are a must.

 I’ll be adding a blog to this site that will include many interesting (I hope) details about the writing and marketing process. I will also be providing background information on historical events and places in the novel to enhance your experience as a reader.